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Enable smart shopping by retrofitting existing infrastructure.

Pickeru automatically identifies every item that is put into a shopping basket or cart by using artificial intelligence. Customers can pair their own smartphones or an additional camera with regular shopping carts and baskets. The visual input is then processed in real-time to recognize which items the customers pick. A smartphone app allows shoppers to access their shopping cart, see value-added services, and pay. Retail stores can leverage data insights for in-store analytics and cross- and up-selling and use the space occupied by checkout counters for sales.

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Features for shoppers

Bridging the online and offline customer experience by bringing convenience and data insights to brick-and-mortar retail.

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Features for retailers

Retailers can leverage data insights for advanced in-store analytics and up- and cross-selling and gain additional commerce space.

Using artificial intelligence to digitize offline retail.

We use a mixture of traditional computer vision and deep learning to recognize objects. Additionally, we integrate other smartphone sensor data to gather more insights and improve our accuracy. By leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning, we can create tangible insights into your customers and help with data-driven decision making.


Our team consists of researchers and students from leading universities in the areas of informatics, electrical engineering, and management. We gained experience by working for international corporations, startups, and consultancies and are now set to digitize brick-and-mortar retail.

André Petry
André PetryManagement & Technology
Manuel Zahn
Manuel ZahnElectrical Engineering
Arvind Somasundaram
Arvind SomasundaramInformatics
Nico Bentenrieder
Nico BentenriederEngineering and Informatics
Anshul Sharma
Anshul SharmaInformatics
Johannes Thanner
Johannes ThannerManagement & Technology

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